ESC Guidelines on cardiac pacing and CRT

Jens Nielsen

BHRS Guidelines for management of
patients with CIED peri-operatively

Honey Thomas

Pill in the pocket anticoagulation for AF?

Rodd Passman

Debate – Screening for Atrial Fibrillation – is it time to start?

Panel Session 1

Extravascular ICD – an alternative to the SICD?

Francis Murgatroyd

Leadless CRT

Aldo Rinaldi

How to approach – Left Bundle Branch pacing

Tom Wong

Debate – Left bundle branch pacing should be the default brady pacing technique?

Panel Session 2

Early AF ablation – what about asymptomatic and persistent AF patients?

Paulus Kirchhof

How to approach – Vein of Marshall ablation in Persistent AF

Vivek Reddy

Is Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) likely to obliterate Radiofrequency and Cryo as an energy source for AF ablation?


Panel Session

Can MRI-defined scar guide VT ablation?

Christian de Chillou

How to approach – Stellate ganglion block

Josef Kautzer

Intracardiac echo to guide VT ablation –when why and how?

Tom De Potter

Debate – SGB should be the first line therapy for drug resistant VT storm before VT ablation? and Panel Session 4

Debate and Panel Session 4